Exchange, find out

LUTB-RAAC meetings: Decompartmentalise and encourage the transfer of knowledge

The two-monthly LUTB meetings are a chance to discover the field of expertise of a member in situ (laboratory, SME, group, training centre…). They encourage discussions and the development of cross learning.

Visit at the Port Edouard Herriot LUTB – June 2011

International congresses and forums: Exchanges and canvassing

The Intelligent Transport System 2011 European congress:

On 6-9 June 2011, Lyon, a region of excellence in terms of intelligent transport systems, welcomed over 1000 European participants during the ITS congress. European recognition of the network of key players grouped in the cluster and the active participation of LUTB members in organising this congress confirmed its force and its ability to attract.


Truck and Bus World forum: 30 November au 1 December 2011

Every two years LUTB partners the Lyon Urban Truck and Bus Forum organised by Erai, the Rhône-Alpes region and Grand Lyon. These meetings and conferences attract over five hundred international decision-makers in the commercial vehicle industry and represent genuine discussion and canvassing highlights in sustainable, safe urban mobility for the region.


Solutrans faire: an opportunity to promote the skills and technologies of transport firms in Rhône-Alpes on a joint stand.

LUTB partners the SOLUTRANS road and urban transport solutions fair organised by the French Bodywork Federation at Eurexpo on 29 November-3 December 2011.

Exhibitors expected : 750 exhibitors including 15% international

Visitors expected : 25,000 visitors including 20% international

All the HGV manufacturers have expressed their intention to attend and the main light utility vehicle manufacturers will be represented.



The cluster’s Scientific Days

LUTB organises scientific and technical days to take stock of the state of research into urban transport systems.

The cluster’s Scientific Days

Organised in 2009 with 187 participants, the next days are planned for 2012.

This event is reserved for members, prospective members, partners and financing bodies and the European research community. The first Scientific Days aimed to :

Identify and construct the future European project groups

Form discussion groups to produce European research topics

Pool knowledge and skills on the cluster’s themes.

Watch on European Union legislation and programmes :

In partnership with Europe Enterprise Network (Lyon CCI is a member), LUTB sends its members a monthly watch bulletin on current economic and regulatory issues.

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