Think tanks : making it easier to generate ideas and set up collaborative projects

Think tanks are permanent discussion groups. These think tanks are organised by the programme directors several times a year, where researchers from the academic world, laboratories, industrialists, users and managers can gather to share knowledge and invent the mass transport systems of tomorrow. They are the melting pots of collaborative R&D projects.

When the cluster was launched, they were dedicated to structuring research themes, but these have now been widened to the challenges to be faced and the barriers to be raised to achieve the LUTB’s long-term goals.

They are carried out per research theme and build up the capacity for cooperation and synergy between key players.

Download the french version summary of ten Think Tank sessions for the transport system programme

Download the french version transport system quality white paper

Supporting industrial property : protect and promote innovations

In partnership with INPI, LUTB offers its members support for industrial property :

Awareness-raising session
Pre-diagnosis, diagnosis and audit
RISC service ( determining freedom to operate, defining the search for past history)


Specific seminars on innovation organised regularly

Information on the calls for projects, financing, Cifre provisions, etc.

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