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Develop a high-performance, environmentally, friendly powertrain for diverse urban transport applications:

Engine optimization: diesel, controlled ignition, fuels, alternative fuels & post treatment
Hybrid motor development of subsystems (batteries, supercapacitors, electri motors), integration & energy optimization

Design solutions to improve the safety and security of industrial vehicles.

Safety: improve user safety in accidents involving industrial vehicles through use of active (prevention) and passive (protection) measures ; safety of passengers, safety of other road user (such as pedestrians).
Security: design and integrate security enhancements for passengers and goods.

Design tomorrow’s urban vehicles to meet the challenges of sustainable development and mobility in the city.

Technologies: vehicles structure, new materials, use of hybrid motors and new concepts.
System performance: improved vehicle comfort, powertrains and systemwide consumption.
Comfort: lighter vehicles, reduced vibrations and noise, improved accessibility and new innovative architecture.

Create comprehensive transport solutions, including communication between vehicles, infrastructures and the urban system, as part of the drive for sustainable development.

Technologies: communication (GSM, GPRS, UMTS, V2V & V2I…), measurements, data management (traffic, logistics, urban entities…) and vehicle adaptation.
System performance: passenger and freight mobility, safety and security, environment and trafic congestion and quality of service.
Research focuses: itineraries, regulation, commuunication platforms, supervision, identification of entities and connection between the vehicle and the system.

Understand the dynamics of passenger & freight mobility in urban and peri-urban areas.

Research focuses: optimisation of public road newtork determined by usage, urban process, real-time modelling of journey times, implementation/coherent use of data, urban & lifestyle factors observatory, freight mobility, business travel, the true cost of transportation (economic model).
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Rhônes Alpes Ministère de l'économie République Française