Who are we ?

The 12th of June 2005, following the Interdepartmental comity of land settlement and development, the competitiveness cluster is granted to LUTB Transport & Mobility Systems.
LUTB is, in Europe, the only competitiveness cluster focusing on the efficiency of mass transport systems for passengers and goods in urban areas.
Since June 2006, the LUTB-RAAC association groups together the Competitiveness cluster and the Rhône-Alpes Automotive Cluster. LUTB-RAAC is an association governed by the law of 1 July 1901 on associations.
Our ambition: become global reference, from research to implementation of mass transport systems for passengers and goods in an urban environment.
Our objective: meet the challenges of an increasing need for mobility by passengers and goods through environmental, societal and economic solutions that are balanced, innovative, demonstrated and field-tested.
The founders:

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Rhônes Alpes Ministère de l'économie République Française